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The Freedom Fighter Camp teaches you how to conquer the only thing that’s preventing you from reaching your dreams: FEAR.

Acquire the confidence and the skills to break your boundaries and limitations.

Understand yourself and discover how your everyday decisions impact your goals.

The camp will teach you how to unleash the power inside you so that you can be a successful and unstoppable overseas Filipino, wherever you are in the world.

The sequel to the popular Freedom Fighter Camp, the Freedom Master Camp guides you on a journey towards your inner self so that you can manifest all your dreams and desires.

Through a combination of ancient wisdom and modern techniques and approaches, the Freedom Master Camp will teach you the principles for enlightenment, the power of thought, and finding your inner strength. It will re-boot your belief system and re-program your everyday mindset for you to achieve the best and most powerful version of yourself.

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, sales person, or interested in being one?

Find out the secrets and strategies for a highly successful business through the Freedom Sales Explosion event! Boost your sales and income through 5 proven and time-tested steps that will give you incredible results – and an explosion of sales – in just 30 days!

At the Freedom Sales Explosion event, expert millionaire entrepreneurs, networkers, and sales masters will mentor you and share the secrets for an unstoppable sales performance and unlimited passive income.

Get a head start on your freedom business and your FRICH journey with the Freedom Sales Explosion event!

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are considered modern-day heroes – sacrificing time away from family and loved ones by working abroad to escape poverty and provide a better future for the people they have left behind.

But working abroad has left dire consequences for OFWs. Even with the increased income, the cost of working abroad is proving to be much higher, as years spent abroad takes a toll on their health, finances, and relationships with children and family members.

What if OFWs can become financially free in just a few years? What if they can make financially sound decisions and plans so that they can reach financial freedom and make a happy, successful return to the Philippines – and never have to work abroad again?

FRICH Mentors Terence and Tet Lim embark on a massive global caravan for overseas Filipinos around the world to share their inspiring story, and the strategies that OFWs can do to multiply their income and make a triumphant return to the Philippines – without ever having to work abroad ever again.

Celebrated together with the Philippines’ Independence Day, the OFW Freedom Day aims to empower overseas Filipinos to help them achieve a free and rich (FRICH) life. By promoting financial literacy, planning, and entrepreneurship through a series of FRICH talks and other fun-filled activities, we aim to help all OFWs achieve true freedom: becoming free from debt, free to make choices, free to spend time with family, and free to live the life they have always dreamed of.

The OFW Freedom Day is a testament to our vision for a FRICH Philippines.